St Oswalds Catholic Primary School

Miss Lea, Phonics Lead

Multisensory, engaging and fun for all!

Angry Red A, Yellow I, Green Froggy, Black Cat and especially Tricky Witch are a very welcome addition to our St Oswald’s family.  The children’s phonics, reading and writing have come alive with ‘I can see Cool Blue! Or that’s a Silent Ghost sshhhh!’  To see our children in all of their lessons using the monsters and their different spellings is great to see. The children love to find the spellings on our Monster Phonics display so that they can use them in their independent reading and writing.  This programme empowers all of our children to achieve through colour-coded posters, flashcards, powerpoints and books. Our children (and parents during lockdown) loved the active and engaging phonics lessons and love reading the ebooks we send home each week.  Our parents joined the webinars run by the very skilled and passionate Monster Phonics team and this was very well received by our parents in helping their child at home with fun and creative ways to spell and read.   The programme is adaptable and meets the needs of all pupils.  The activities and resources are colourful, child friendly and purposeful.  Here at St Oswald’s we have active, eager and enthusiastic learners and the Monster Phonics programme works for us.  It has had a positive impact on our children across the curriculum and also the phonics results we have seen in the short space of time that we have been using it.  The sky is the limit with Monster phonics.


Miss Lea, Phonics Lead

Here are St Olwads’s favourite resources





What the kids are saying...

"I like the stories about Green Froggy"

Green Froggy

"I like the colours because they help me to see the sounds"

Yellow I

"I like playing the games on the app at home"

Miss Oh No

"I like that the monsters are colourful and they have their own stories"

U Hoo

"10/10, I like how they have their sound in their name"

Angry Red

"I love them because they help me to spell"

Tricky Witch

"They help me learn the different spellings"

Cool Blue

This is what our parents at St Oswald's think of Monster Phonics…

"I found the webinar quite useful as learning a new technique to help with home learning was a bit daunting at first. My child loves the books and is doing really well with them."


"The content of the books are very good. My child has got to know the characters and links them well. Pictures and colours are attractive to young children and this facilitates learning"

Brown Owl

"I can really tell that the Monster Phonics programme is a useful tool in helping my child to learn to read. He makes links to the monsters and the sounds they make. For example Miss Oh No, he makes regular links to words he sees within the community or in the car. "

Miss Oh No

"The webinar was good, very informative, useful to have the information. We enjoy reading the books on line and my daughter engages very well with them. She tells me about her focus words and how they are learning them in class each week too, so she is able to make the connection."

Black Cat

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