West Hill Primary School

Beth Lloyd, Deputy Head Teacher

We have been using Monster phonics for just over a year and have seen a huge impact in both the pupil’s enthusiasm and understanding of phonics but also staff confidence and the consistency of phonics across school. The multi-sensory approach supports children in their learning and is fun and interactive. I would not hesitate to recommend Monster Phonics to other schools.

Beth Lloyd, Deputy Head Teacher

Favourite Resources

Here are West Hill’s favourite resources


Monster Phonics Reading Books


What the kids are saying...

"Phonics is really different now, it’s more fun than before, Cool Blue is my favourite"

Cool Blue

"I love the songs some are a bit funny. I like the worksheets"

Yellow I

"I love it! The characters are fun. I like using them to make new words"

Black Cat

"My mum does Tricky Witch’s voice when she helps me with my homework"

Tricky Witch

"I really like Monster Phonics because I get to learn sounds"

Angry Red

"I like the PowerPoints and activities and all the songs"

Brown Owl

"The monsters make phonics easier to understand"

Miss Oh No

"I know more sounds now and its fun"

Green Froggy

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