Success Stories

I just wanted to say how delighted I am with the progress that the children have made since we introduced Monster Phonics. Our Year One Phonics Screening results saw an increase of 35%. We are thrilled.

Juliet – Phonics Lead, Redbourn Primary

We have had our best phonics screening results in 5 years with a cohort that struggled last year and most importantly they are all engaging in lessons together and are loving reading. We are so excited to see the progress with classes that have had the scheme from the beginning!

Harriet Jessop, Phonics Lead, Lympne Primary School

Monster Phonics has significantly improved our Phonics teaching and learning. Children are highly engaged in lessons, enjoy the decodable reading books, and love all the monsters! Since starting the scheme, our Phonics Screening Check data has significantly improved and we could not be more proud of the children!

Emily Barnes, Class Teacher, Disley Primary School

I highly recommend Monster Phonics to all schools! After years of trying different phonics programmes, we came across Monster Phonics. It has transformed the phonics teaching within our school. It has enabled us to have a consistent approach to phonics lessons in a large international school setting due to the training and support from the Monster Phonics team, as well as the in-depth planning and resources provided. This has supported staff of all levels of experience to successfully deliver phonics lessons. We love the colour coding of books, especially for our EAL students and their parents. The concept is fun and engaging for children of all ages – we have even observed children bringing the monsters and their actions into their play. Thank you Monster Phonics!

Hannah Rudling, Deputy Principal, Al Ain English Speaking School

Monster Phonics has ignited our children’s love of phonics and reading. It’s multisensory approach and delightful characters immediately engaged the children and we have seen a positive impact on their phonic and reading abilities. The use of colour coding helps the children to remember and recall sounds and they are able to quickly decode and read high frequency words.

We love Monster Phonics and so do the children!

Janice Wood, Headteacher, Hall Green Infant and Nursery School

We love Monster Phonics!

We have recently bought into this scheme and my class love it. It’s been the best purchase we’ve made in a while, and the whole of EYFS and Year 1 engage really well with the scheme, they love the monsters and really enjoy this phonics learning.

The resources are well planned and inviting for the children, and all the planning is there, which takes away so much from my workload! I would 100% recommend this scheme to anyone!

Rachel Campbell, Early Years Leader, St Matthew’s C of E Primary School

As a Model and Ambassador School, we feel very passionate about Monster Phonics. The children thrive through using colour-coded monsters to support their learning of phonics. The learning materials are of high-quality, we especially love the soft toys, and we find they are very successful in classrooms. The children have a new love for reading, they are excited to get their phonics books out and find out which monster they are reading about that day! The monsters play a huge part in successful engagement in every lesson/intervention. We found the PSC materials Monster Phonics provided us with to be very helpful. Our results show the incredible impact Monster Phonics has had in our school – a 33% increase since we started Monster Phonics!!

Leona Dixon, Barmston Primary School

We launched Monster Phonics at our school in September and we feel that it’s already having a positive impact on our children’s reading and writing.  Not only were the children immediately hooked by the fun characters and songs, but the colour-coding of sounds is really helping our EAL learners to retain more easily than before.  We’ve also had positive feedback from the parents who tell us that their children go home talking about their Phonics lessons.  The training at the beginning of the year was extremely useful and the Monster Phonics team have always been available to support us with any questions we have along the way.

Kate Fletcher, Head of English, Al Mamoura International School

Brilliant Programme for boosting attainment and a love of reading

We have been using Monster Phonics since September 2019 and the impact has been amazing! Our Staff love the pedagogy behind the Monster Phonics programme and the enthusiasm in our children has been wonderful to witness.

We have taken the programme onboard fully and have invested in the new reading scheme attached to it. The books are lovely and unlike other phonetically decodable schemes these books are lovely to engage parents into their child’s learning. The layout has clearly been well thought out and supports our SEND children who have Visual impairments. The text size and font used in the Reception books has meant that specialist books with enlarged print have not been needed.

The biggest impact has been on our boys and the bottom 20% of all the cohorts within EYFS and KS1.

Libby Partidge, Phonics Lead, North Wingfield Primary School

We are proud of our Year 1 and 2 children who excelled in their PSC.  The impact Monster Phonics has had on our children, parents and staff is staggering.  This year we have seen the best ever PSC results and this is due to Monster Phonics and it being engaging, creative, fun and enjoyable for everyone – children, staff and parents.

Vicky Lea, Phonics Lead, St Oswald’s Primary

Monster Phonics has created a real buzz around our school; lessons are fun, engaging and multi-sensory. The resources are great to have at your fingertips and planning is really easy to follow and adapt to support learning in your school, for both whole-class teaching and intervention groups. The clever use of characters is really bringing phonics to life; even our youngest children delight in telling you about the characters.

Nicola Walker, Deputy Headteacher, Duckmanton Primary School

Monster Phonics has made such a difference to our children. The main thing we found is that they absolutely love learning phonics now. They are obsessed with the monsters and even choose to play monster phonics in the playground. It has enabled children who find reading hard to read words we never thought they would have attempted before.

The children love the videos and sing them all day long. It has also improved our phonics screening results for the last two years now. Children have made great progress.

Hannah Bond, Year 1 Teacher, Cookham Dean Primary School, Kent

The foundation stage children 58/60 are all able to blend and read simple words – we have never had a cohort had a cohort going into Year One at this level – I have been teaching for 24 years and have never seen this.” As an aside, my child is in Year One. When he started Reception he had no sounds, just letter names. He scored 39/40 on his Phonics Test last week. As a parent, I have read through the scheme with him every day and love the way the books are designed.

Loughton Manor First School

Monster Phonics is easy to follow with really comprehensive plans.

Louise Maughan, Willington School, London

Highly recommended!

The children absolutely love Monster Phonics and enjoy learning about the different characters involved. Lessons are really engaging and stimulate the children’s curiosity. The programme is designed to encourage over-learning, allowing the children to constantly apply knowledge and skills.

Monster Phonics has been written with a good understanding of how children can decipher the English language.

Donna Bradley, Foundation Stage Teacher, Edgewood Primary

Amazing reading scheme by Monster Phonics

Thank you Monster Phonics for this wonderful reading scheme. As a teacher of Year 1&2, who has a wide range of reading abilities, the books are perfect for covering the whole phonics programme. The children were so excited to start reading their Monster Phonics Books this week.

Deirdre Kelly, Year 1/2 Teacher

A fantastic resource

We implemented Monster Phonics a couple of years ago and saw an instant improvement in children’s phonics. This has translated over time into substantial improvements in reading and spelling.

The children love the characters and our teachers love how easy it is to plan and adjust lessons – an all-rounder winner!


Tina Thomas, Headteacher, Scantabout Primary School

Monster phonics is an excellent teaching and learning programme for the classroom. My class thoroughly enjoyed learning about all of the monsters and their sounds. It enhances their engagement in phonics as they are excited about learning which monster each sound comes from. I would definitely recommend this teaching and learning programme to any primary school.

Kaitlyn Grundy, Teacher at West Dunbartonshire Schools

Monster Phonics – fun, engaging and exciting.

After recently introducing Monster Phonics across the school, my Y1 class absolutely love it! The characters are instantly recognisable, bright and fun, with a back story to support who they are. Thank you for the great resources and planning too. Highly recommended.

Helen Hermansen, Year 2 Teacher, Underwood West Academy

Last year was the first year that we did it for the whole year and our phonics screening results were the highest by a long way compared to previous years. The children did amazingly well and in our area of Hampshire we did really well. We completely correlate that to Monster Phonics. Their reading progression changed so dramatically through the year.

We did the trial and within two sessions we knew that we wanted to carry on with it, we were really impressed. The kids loved it… there was no way we could have done two days of the trial and then said, we’re not going to do those monsters anymore, because the children were completely taken in that first session. Our phonics results increased by 9.5%.

Laura Hanafin, Year 1 Teacher, Great Binfields Primary, Hampshire

We are really enjoying Monster Phonics

We are really enjoying Monster Phonics. We are just implementing it across our school and the children love it. It has been great for our Home Learning and we have got parents on board with the webinars and free access to the website.

Andrea Fletcher, Dove Bank Primary School

Monster Phonics combines a carefully-structured teaching and learning programme with an engaging reading scheme. A strong feature of the programme is the high-quality core materials for teachers and parents.

David Waugh, Professor David Waugh, Durham University

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When I came across Monster Phonics I was instantly smitten. Children clearly adored it and the teachers were huge advocates of the scheme.  I have seen pretty much everything during my time in education but this really stands out as the most fun, engaging approach that I have seen, which genuinely creates happy, confident learners. In my humble opinion, Monster Phonics is unrivalled as an all-encompassing and exciting phonics approach for EYFS and KS1 and as an intervention programme in KS2.

The improved results in schools using Monster Phonics are significant. I would urge any school and any teacher seeking to better help all children to start using Monster Phonics today.

Ros Wilson, Creator of Big Writing