The Importance of Keep in Touch Sessions

Monster Phonics combines child-centred, fun and engaging learning with a community of highly skilled, supportive professionals. Once schools subscribe to the school programme and have received their Welcome Meeting, there are three further ‘Keep in touch’ sessions arranged throughout the first year of subscription. The benefits of these sessions have been identified through feedback from schools, who have engaged with their School Success Consultant.

Building and maintaining strong and effective working relationships between schools and the Monster Phonics Team are achieved through these meetings. They take place once a term, and last between 30 to 40 minutes via zoom. They ensure success and remarkable results by assessing what is going well and celebrating the wins alongside looking at what is not working so well, the reasons why and what can be done to improve outcomes.

We are fully aware of teachers’ demanding schedules and differing timetables and therefore the Monster Phonics Team provides itself on working closely with schools with a flexible approach. We timetable the Zoom calls at a mutually convenient time.

The discussion is tailored to meet the requirements of the school and is an effective way of straightening the working relationship. All the Monster Phonics School Success Consultants have been teachers in Primary Schools themselves, and have taught Monster Phonics in the classroom. We all share the same values of improving children’s outcomes and this can be better ¬†achieved when we work together.

If you have not booked your Keep in Touch Session, please contact us at [email protected] to arrange a mutually convenient time.


By Cat Vincent, Monster Phonics School Success Consultant