Ingrid Connors

Phonics Specialist

I’m Ingrid, the founder of Monster Phonics. I have worked in research, as an audiological scientist in the NHS and teaching. I have spent over 20 years teaching across the primary age range, in the UK and internationally. I’ve been lucky enough to live in lots of interesting places!

The focus on how to improve learning led to the research and development of the systematic colour-coded approach of Monster Phonics. Even in its infancy at the BETT show in 2014, Monster Phonics was chosen by a panel of experts as one of the top 20 most innovative ideas globally. Now it is used in schools throughout the UK. Independent studies by local authorities demonstrate the improvement to progress and feedback from schools is consistently strong.

Most recently, our phonics reading scheme has been published. The engagement is so high and yet this is systematic phonics. It was amazing to see children and teachers around the UK dressed up as the monsters on World Book Day.

Stories of Monster Phonics Forest Schools, whole school dress-up days and glowing reviews on TrustPilot show that there is something very special about Monster Phonics. It enthuses everyone, children, teachers and parents. What I enjoy most about Monster Phonics is making a difference, seeing the improvements, the growth in confidence and the joy in phonics lessons.

It is a privilege to meet the teachers, headteachers and LSAs when training, to see Monster Phonics being taught well and watch how it has been embedded. It’s also great to hear new ideas as the best ones always come from schools.

Outside of the world of monsters, I enjoy family time, living in Hertfordshire. I love the coast and the countryside, all kinds of music, poetry and art.


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