Ingrid Connors

Founder and Product Director

Hi, I’m Ingrid, the founder of Monster Phonics. Early in my career, I trained as an Audiological Scientist and Primary Teacher. I have taught across KS1 and KS2 and specialised in Learning Support. Like all teachers, my passion has been to improve outcomes. Initially, I focused on determining the obstacles to reading and spelling. Research and years of trialling in schools led to the development of a child-centred system that made learning easier, more memorable and enjoyable. Monster Phonics is multisensory and fun because this helps children to learn. It is a simple yet powerful method of teaching which is child-centred and enables a rapid improvement in results.

The motivation for the development of Monster Phonics was based on my young experiences. I wanted to engage all children, including those who were disadvantaged, and find a way to help children who found phonics challenging in order to quickly accelerate their learning. Maintaining confidence and self-esteem is fundamental to life-long learning and this is also at the core of Monster Phonics.

I am lucky to work with an amazing team of people who share the vision to improve outcomes. The results show that Monster Phonics is significantly improving results in schools. What more could anyone ask for? Once a teacher, always a teacher ๐Ÿ™‚

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