Wimbish Primary School

Miss Bartram, Assistant Head Teacher

We love Monster Phonics here at Wimbish

Monster Phonics is a multisensory, engaging and enriching phonics scheme that supports children of all ages with their phonics learning. Since starting Monster Phonics, we have noticed that our children are more enthused by phonics learning and their progress has accelerated. As a school with lots of pupil movement throughout the school year, we find children quickly settle into phonics due to the colour coded cues that Monster Phonics provides. We love Monster Phonics here at Wimbish.

Miss Bartram, Assistant Head Teacher

Favourite Resources

Here are Wimbish’s favourite resources

Monster Phonics Videos

Monster Phonics Books

Monster Phonics Power Point

Spelling Books

Monster Phonics Posters

What the kids are saying...

"My favourite character is cool blue, he is a DJ!"

Cool Blue

"Different colours help me"

Miss Oh No

"When can I move to the next Monster Phonics Book, what number is next?"

Angry Red

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