Phase 3 Tricky Words

Monster Phonics for Schools

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The ‘E’ sound in ‘she’, ‘he’, ‘me’ and ‘we’ is made by the green monster Green Froggy. She colours the letter ‘e’ in these words green. This is easy to learn and remember.


Learn one word, get one word free by grouping the words by spelling and sound.

Now use colour, draw, paint, make and play games for fun and engaging learning that uses all senses. Learning in different ways helps children to remember these words.

The ‘ey’ sound in ‘they’ is colour-coded red. This shows that this makes the ‘A’ sound because Angry Red A says Ay, Ay, Ay!

they 1

Yellow I colours the ‘I’ sound in words, yellow and helps children how to remember to spell ‘my’.


Tricky WItch casts a spell on the letters that have changed their sound, helping children to read fluently and spell accurately. 

She shows children that the ‘a’ and the ‘s’ in ‘was’ make a different sound to what they would expect. Asking children to find out how Tricky Witch has changed the sound helps children to remember the correct spelling. The ‘a’ is making an ‘o’ sound and the ‘s’ is making a ‘z’ sound. 

In ‘all’, the ‘al’ is making an ‘or’ sound. In ‘her’ the ‘er’ is making a different sound than if the ‘e’ and ‘r’ were blended together.



What are Tricky Words?
Tricky words are those words which cannot be sounded out easily. Emergent readers may find them difficult to read as they have not yet learned some of the Graphemes in those words.
What are the Phase 3 Tricky Words?
Phase 3 Tricky Words include we, be, me, he, she, my, they, was, her & all.