Phase 3 Phonics Resources – Letters and Sounds


This phase lasts for 12 weeks and often requires repetition after this period.


Requirements for entry

Will know around 19 letters and be able to blend phonemes to read VC words and segment VC words to spell.

All should be able to blend and segment CVC words orally.

Many will be able to read and spell CVC words.


Objectives of Phase 3

1. Learn a further 25 graphemes, most of them comprising two letters (e.g. oa), so the children can represent each of about 42 phonemes by a grapheme.

Phase 3 graphemes in Monster Phonics colour-code

It is important to note that the graphemes immediately above are now taught in the KS1 Spelling Curriculum. Schools following the KS1 Curriculum should omit teaching these graphemes in Phase 3 and should teach these according to the KS1 Spelling Curriculum order.

2. To become more confident at CVC blending and segmentation

3. To read and spelling simple two-syllable words and captions.

4. To know the letter names

5. To learn to read some more tricky words and also begin to learn to spell some of these words.


High-Frequency Words

Phase 3 High-Frequency Words

Tricky words are shown in bold; Reception High-frequency words are shaded.


Monster Phonics

Monster Phonics follows the Letters and Sounds suggested order for teaching letters and provides suitable words lists, captions and sentences made up of the words. Words can be selected as needed for an activity. Monster Phonics makes learning high-frequency ‘tricky’ words at the stage much easier. It makes it possible to teach important but simple phonetic rules. For example, open syllables endings (in ‘she’ and ‘me’) have long vowel sounds. The ‘ou’ in ‘you’ is not tricky, but rather a less common long ‘oo’ grapheme (group, soup, through). Rules such as this greatly reduce the number of tricky words.

Phase 3 planning and resources are found in the Reception and Year 1 sections of the Monster Phonics Resources area.


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