Year 2 Home Learning

To help you in Term 3 we have outlined a different lesson for everyday of the week, from Monday to Friday. There are enough lesson plans below to take you up to the next half term. 

Start each lesson by watching the video or PowerPoint. Then complete a set of worksheets. Login to be able to access all activities. The free login is username: login, password: homelearning.

Reading every day is essential for progress. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to read a free Monster Phonics colour-coded reading book. 

Monster Phonics teaches in a fun and engaging way that makes learning easier. To find out more about phonics and how Monster Phonics words click here.

Every Day Activities

Practise reading and spelling the 200 High-Frequency Words and Year 2 Common Exception Words every day. Click on the pictures below to download Monster Phonics flashcards and charts to help you. Want some fun suggestions for how to teach these? Read more

Tricky words are no longer tricky with Monster Phonics, so here are some Tricky Word cards. You will see how much easier these words are to learn with Monster Phonics.


For each of the lessons below

– follow the Video / PowerPoint

– complete the Monster Phonics Worksheets

– use the flashcards to play a flashcard game.

Week 1

o (u)

Words to test in the Quick Mix Review: fridge rice knock wrote badge space know wrap

Week 2


Words to test in the Quick Mix Review: here blew their quite see blue sea quiet

Week 3

w- a (o)

Words to test in the Quick Mix Review: nicest baker kindest liking shiny cuter cutest hiker

Week 4

w-or (er)

Words to test in the Quick Mix Review: find fudge change race quiet edge giant dance

Week 5

w-ar (or)

Words to test in the Quick Mix Review: sadder saddest hummed humming fatter fattest dropping dropped

Week 6

s (zsh)

Words to test in the Quick Mix Review: happier happiest carry carries carried cries copied copier

Week 7

ti (sh)

Words to test in the Quick Mix Review: turned freshest toes mouth helped quickest tomatoes loud

Reading Time

Reading every day and reading for pleasure is essential for progress and creating confidence. Here are some colour-coded Monster Phonics books to read together. Start by reading through the Focus Words and High Frequency Words.  Answer the questions to test comprehension at the end of the book.