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Monster Phonic’s innovative colour-coding accelerates learning to benefit all abilities. It makes phonics far more memorable and engaging. The programme supports dyslexic learners as well as children learning English more than any other scheme available. Leicester City SENCos piloted Monster Phonics and found that children who were previously not making progress, did so with Monster Phonics. Monster Phonics lessons were so popular that children complained when the pilot finished .. not for long though as all schools chose to subscribe. Our resources are listed by the Department for Education in the UK as a highly effective phonics resource. 

EAL learners also gain much needed additional insight into English spelling and pronunciation. Kukua, a consortium led by Microsoft Research found that children with no prior literacy experience were able to demonstrate their knowledge of sounds and shapes, after just 20 minutes of playing on our iPad App. 

Thousands of children across the globe are using Monster Phonics. Lessons packed with exciting resources with videos, songs, PowerPoints and printable multi-sensory activities are available with an online subscription. 

Parents can sign up for one month or more to access all of the materials to teach common spellings and phonic patterns. The scheme compliments existing programmes, supporting learning in schools. Parents subscribe on a month-to-month basis for when the support is required. Monster Phonics gives parents a system for talking about language and will continue to be used long after subscribing. Schools sign up annually and use Monster Phonics either as the main phonics teaching programme or as an intervention for children who have had difficulty making progress. The school subscription is annual and includes school assessment and further planning materials. 


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At the heart of Monster Phonics is a unique colour-coding system which links letters and sounds, giving powerful new tools to teach phonics. 

Monster Phonics consistently colour-codes for the stumbling blocks in reading, specifically the vowels sounds, silent letters and tricky letters which do not show phoneme-grapheme correspondence. Children find it so easy to spell with Monster Phonics and words are much more memorable.

Our teaching is multisensory. All songs activities only use the most common words for every spelling, to make learning relevant. The use of consistent colour-coding for specific phonemes allows media such as pastels, paints and pens to be used as well as materials such as playdough to create 3D and 2D representations of sounds. Monster Phonics colour-coded magnetic letters can also used to build words. Songs, games and Apps add to this multisensory diet.


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  • BETT Awards Finalist, London 2017
  • Passionate about changing the life chances of children.

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